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Tina Z.  02/2017

Tina Z. 02/2017

Very friendly, and does a great job.

Randy L.  08/2015

Randy L. 08/2015

“Even though I was only visiting Vegas and may not be a repeat customer, she still treated me very well and made me feel like a valued customer.”

Wayne K.  05/2016

Wayne K. 05/2016

“Excellent stylist - Highly recommend”

Gloria C.  05/2016

Gloria C. 05/2016

“Connie does a great job and she is a very nice lady. I have been very happy with her service.”

Erica H.  10/2015

Erica H. 10/2015

“Connie is very acknowledged about hair and care. She is careful listener and styled my hair the way I had described it. I'm extremely happy with her services. ”

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